Triggering lighting and cameras OPTEX LX Series

The LX Series of robust, weatherproof outdoor PIR detectors has advanced features that include sensitivity and range adjustment.

Easy to install and adjust

The LX range is perfect for use in a number of applications that include perimeters, roofs/ceilings, gardens and driveways. The LX-402 has short-range capabilities while the LX-802N is suited to short to mid-range and narrow applications.

The LX Series detectors share these great features:
 Double conductive shielding can resist more than 50 000 lux of sunlight, eliminating false alarms from light sources
 Selectable detection patterns (pet alley or multi-level)
 Built-in light sensor that provides day and night modes
 Selectable pulse count (Test or 2)
 Two wiring holes only, for easy installation
 IP54 rating
 Area masking strips (LX-402 only)

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