The key to great hospitality

The top priority for your hospitality clients is keeping their guests safe and secure. Enter the LH3000 Smart Lock from ZKTeco. This electromechanical lock allows hotel visitors to open and lock their room doors with a virtual key of fingerprint, face, pin code or RFID card. Why is the LH3000 your best smart lock choice?

  • Single-click installation = save time and money
  • Requires USB encoder to program Mifare cards = total security
  • Audit trail records the latest 224 lock transactions = complete record
  • Warning beeps in low battery status = no downtime

Additional features include:

  • Advanced 13.56 MHz Mifare-1 card technology
  • American standard mortise with 5 latches
  • Elegantly styled silver-coloured stainless-steel housing.

Why Mifare technology is the way to go

The Mifare-1 card technology used in the LH3000 Smart Lock has great benefits for your hospitality clients:

  • Secure encryption prevents unauthorised access to information stored on the card. This makes it extremely difficult to copy a Mifare card.
  • It’s contactless = reduced maintenance and less wear and tear on the cards.
  • Mifare cards don’t need to be inserted into a reader; just present them within the range of the card reader.

TPA is your ZKTeco Smart Lock technology supplier. Contact us today and find out how we can help you gain a competitive advantage, win more contracts and boost revenue with this leading global brand.