Texecom Connect The smart way of integrating remote control of home and security devices

Security systems have typically only provided information after an event. This retroactive way of monitoring security systems meant that connectivity and compatibility with external systems was non-existent. Now, Texecom Connect brings a new dimension to inter-system connectivity.

What is Texecom Smart Connect?

It’s about time Texecom Smart Connect incorporates a number of elements that make using home security systems easier.

Research shows that only 33% of people who own security systems actually arm them. In great part this is due to forgetfulness or with difficulties in using intelligent devices.

By connecting the Texecom Elite Series alarm panels with the SmartCom Module on the Cloud or by using the Texecom Connect App, end users can now use their mobile smart devices to quickly and easily pre program and arm alarm systems.This functionality is extended to other smart devices in the home environment by plugging them into the Texecom SmartPlug.

It’s about time

The Texecom Connect SmartCom App allows users to view timelines and set up recipes for ease of use and maximised functionality.

  • Timeline – both past and programmed events are clearly presented and give the user instant access to review events that have transpired. The calendar offers a detailed day-to-day record of the previous two weeks’ events, with one week of recorded video footage.
  • Recipes – The user gets to decide how and when a sequence of event actions will unfold. For example, ‘activate outside light when gate is opened; disarm alarm; unlock door; switch on lounge light’. Users can also activate certain devices within the home to operate before arriving home.

Did you know?

A staggering 83% of consumers have difficulty in understanding and operating their intelligent devices?

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