Texecom Connect App and SmartPlug make child’s play out of home security

The Texecom Connect App and SmartPlug provide smart security system automation when combined with the SmartCom communicator. For end users who need a simple route to maximising their home security and other home-based devices, this winning combo is the answer.

Putting control at your customer’s fingertips

The Texecom Connect App is a smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. Transforming the user experience, the Texecom Connect App adds home automation and end user control onto Texecom’s Elite range of professional security systems.

The App has been designed to provide end users with access to an array of custom features, to tailor their app experience for their own personal needs, all without having to resort to complicated programming.


Some of the benefits of using the Texecom Connect App include:
✓ Remote access to control alarm system
✓ Add additional users/phones via administrator phone
✓ Installer sets up recipes to automate alarm system (entry level home automation)
✓ Push notifications and visual confirmation (IP cameras) on alarm events based on recipes
✓ Activate output functions via Connect App
✓ Group all devices into rooms
✓ End users cannot inadvertently affect the operation of their security system
✓ Recorded camera footage can be viewed directly in the App from the calendar as well as in live camera footage mode.

Plugging into home automation

Now end users can control any mainspowered device remotely with the Texecom Connect SmartPlug. This Ricochet® enabled wireless plug sits between a wall socket and the power plug of a device, and is controlled via the Texecom Connect App.

The Ricochet network and repeaters are used to send a signal in the SmartPlug. This makes it unique in the industry. Some of the benefits of using the SmartPlug include:
✓ Control any mains-powered device
remotely with the Texecom Connect
✓ Wireless operation using the Ricochet Mesh technology
✓ SmartPlug can be remotely operated via the Texecom
Connect App on command or as set according to the
predefined recipes.

Did you know?

Rooms are the easiest way of using the Texecom Connect App, as the user can simply turn devices on and off directly from the room menu. By using rooms, each device in the system is accessed by no more than four button presses from the home screen, making the direct control of devices quick, easy and intuitive.

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