Sophistication meets functionality

High-end applications require high-end access control products. This is why ZKTeco’s project-oriented Green Label Series is your go-to for corporate clients:

• The revolutionary Silk ID fingerprint sensor for difficult fingerprints

• The new hardware platform, equipped with a fast 1.2GHz processor for dramatically improved verification speed.

Great features

The upmarket ZKTeco Green Label Series, for both access control and T&A, is loaded with stunning features such as:

• 3D NFPV technology that provides great performance even with dry, wet and rough f fingerprints

• Unique PUSH HTTPS Protocol, for fast, stable and secure communication

• Covers all safety standards of verification methods

• Compatible with ZKTeco’s latest web-based time management and security solutions, software and products.

Wide variety of solutions

There’s a Green Label Series device for all environments:
• Time & attendance (including waterproof and external readers)
• Access control panels
• Elevator panels.

TPA is your ZKTeco Green Label Series supplier. Contact us today and find out how we can help you gain a competitive advantage, win more contracts and boost revenue with this leading global brand.