Roadmapping the totally connected end user experience

Texecom Connect is being rolled out in various stages. Currently, users can enjoy the benefits of the Texecom Connect App, SmartCom and SmartPlug. Joining the Texecom Connect offering in the near future are the Connect API and the Connect SmartHub.

Connect to 3rd party systems

The Texecom Connect API is an integration protocol that interfaces Elite control panels with 3rd party solutions. Currently there are a number of these under way, some with smart connectivity providers and others with established players within the security market.

Texecom Connect SmartHub

The Texecom Connect SmartHub will incorporate a number of elements to provide a complete connected security experience for users.

Video verification

The Texecom Connect SmartHub is a video verification and home automation expander. The hub provides secure video handling and the ability to store video and log data locally using a Micro SD card. Cloud based storage is also available, giving users a choice of local storage, cloud based, or a combination of the two.

• Remote upgrades  

To enhance performance and to maintain the highest levels of security, the Texecom Connect SmartHub firmware is remotely upgradable and offers installers the ability to remotely upgrade the firmware in the connected Premier Elite control panel.

Did you know?

Because Texecom Connect integrates with Texecom’s flagship security systems, the Elite Series, users can now take direct control of their home and security. Users can control the operation of their security system, receive notifications of system events and monitor cameras or activity from anywhere in the world.

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