Ricochet® mesh networking wireless technology

Introducing the next generation of wireless security, Ricochet mesh networking wireless technology delivers better performance than any other wireless security system.

True and seamless integration

Ricochet enabled wireless devices receive and repeat wireless transmissions from other devices. The size, scalability and range of the entire system are extended as wireless signalling is no longer limited by point-to-point communications.

The range of a Ricochet enabled wireless system is greater than previous systems, with multiple devices capable of relaying messages to and from even the most remote locations in a building.

Each Ricochet enabled device provides signalling routes to and from Texecom Premier Control Panels. Should wireless connection between two devices weaken, the network will ‘self-heal’ and automatically re-route communications via alternate RICOCHET enabled devices. The greater the number of Ricochet enabled devices installed, the greater the reliability of the system.

Why the Ricochet?


With ‘in-range’ indication at each device, combined with automatic wireless routing, installing a wireless system has never been easier.


Multiple signal routes adapt to the environment instantly. Signal Security measurements provide peace of mind. Do more with wireless; be smarter.


Adding devices increases the range of the system making extra repeaters no longer required. Let Ricochet mesh technology take you further.

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