Powerful video monitoring for the retail market

Improving management efficiency, remotely checking the current conditions of branches and deceasing operational costs are all guaranteed to increase profitability for retail operations. So how can this be achieved using a security system?

The solution starts with a high-quality TVT surveillance system, recording footage to reliable DVR and integrated with additional security technology. Tying all of this together is a comprehensive security management platform like the NVMS2.0 from TVT.

Making data more accessible for increased profitability

Supporting TVT face recognition devices, the NVMS2.0 system is equipped with powerful video monitoring capability and provides real-time preview, centralised recording, and local and remote playback.

The NVMS 2.0 is available in three variants, allowing retailers to choose the alternative best suited to the size of their operation – Lite, standard and enterprise.

Increasing customer retention

Being able to react quickly and accurately to data will give your retail client an added advantage in the race for customer retention. By being able to identify trends and shopper behaviour, retailers can design their stores to create a safe, enjoyable and customer-centric environment.

The NVMS2.0 software provides the platform that will help to grow customer footfall. It features:

  • Open system architecture – providing SDK/OCX for third party integration of alarms, access control and T&A system, dynamic monitoring and door phones
  • Support of various AI applications:
  1. Face recognition for access control and personalised shop customer greeting
  2. People counting – let’s retailers know where the hotspot are in their stores
  3. Behaviour analysis 
  • Integrates with and supports access control systems, burglar alarm systems, time & attendance systems, intercom system, electronic fences, RFID, dynamic

Check this out

The N9000 has a number of functions designed to provide retailers with the tools to keep customers safe and happy:

Face Adding – Quickly add faces and include target info such as name, sex, ID type etc.

Face Surveillance – Real-time surveillance, trigger-block list,alarm, display target details

Alarm Search – Create real-time alarms triggered by face recognition

Face Search – Search results by time, face and channel export the necessary data

• Track Playback – Position the target and historical track with face support playback and continuous track by time-order

Face Greeting (Enterprise version only) – Supports real-time greeting with face pop-up and voice prompts along with support for detailed search and a historical visiting record.


Did you know?

TVT supports various types of client access: B/S, C/S, Android, IOS.


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