Manage & configure your alarm system portfolio

Texecom Cloud lets you offer maintenance contracts that save on unnecessary site visits. How? With the built-in remote maintenance and Health Check services.

Health Check

What does Health Check offer?
 Monitors systems to ensure correct operation
 Quickly identifies problem areas
 Provides peace of mind

Manage access to data

Texecom Cloud gives you complete control over your client’s alarm system portfolio, including safeguards to ensure only the right people have access to the right data. Benefits include:

• Restrict viewing and access of security systems
• Intelligent and dynamic system labelling tools make controlling, recording and removing engineering access rights to systems simple and straightforward

On-site programming

Texecom Cloud makes system programming simple, quick and easily accessible.

You can also create your own custom programming templates from previous installations or imported Wintex profiles. Why?
• Reduces the number of programming steps required
• Guarantees consistency from site-to-site
• Eliminates programming errors

Service reports & auto reporting

Reports show your customers their remote maintenance and service activity.

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