It pays to choose a synergistic retail solution

Not only is security for the retail environment different to business, industrial and residential security, but each retail solution is also unique.

Choosing the right surveillance system solution for a specific retail application will add much-desired profitability to your retail client’s operation.

Improving efficiency and profitability

TVT has developed a number of integrated solutions that work together to maximise security levels for retailers.

  • N9000 software interface to TVT’s DVR
  • NVMS 2.0 management software
  • AI (artificial intelligence) solutions – facial recognition technology.

These solutions work synergistically with TVT’s range of surveillance cameras to improve the user experience for retail operations.

Why TVT retail solutions?

Traditional video solutions can manage retail security, but are they really leveraging the full range of benefits that data can provide to retail owners TVT has developed strategic solutions that provide business improvements on a number of levels.

Some of the benefits of deploying TVT retail solutions include:

✓ Improved management efficiency
✓ Remote checks on the condition of stores
✓ Analysis of customer flow for better store layout and product display
✓ Decreased operating costs
✓ Reduced losses
✓ Improved shopper service
✓ Quickly deploying cleaning and shelf-stocking staff where they are needed
✓ Reduced criminal activity.

Did you know?

TVT facial recognition cameras can be set for entry level access control purposes or to detect known offenders when they enter the store.

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