Help customers keep an eye on employee timekeeping

ZKTeco’s time management series puts money back in your customer’s pocket by:

• Accurately recording time clocked in and out by employees
• Eliminating buddy clocking
• Helping project teams plan more effectively
• Paying for time worked = no overpaying

Tick tock, time’s up

Making sure that employees are productive means you have to manage their time more effectively. ZKTeco time management solutions achieve this by:

• Integrating advanced biometric technologies with innovative and versatile terminals.
• Offering a large and versatile range of options.

Give them what they need

It doesn’t matter what size your client’s company is or what their time management demands are, there’s a solution just for them. Options comprise:

 Fingerprints readers
 RFID readers
 Face identification terminals
 Palm verification terminals
 Time clocks
 Portable time clocks.

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