Create Your Own FireClass System

Detecting fire couldn’t be easier! Simply find the best combination of FireClass solutions for your customer’s individual needs.

Start with the selection of your J400 Series FireClass Panel then add on any of the following detectors for comprehensive fire detection:

FireClass 600 series detectors:

  • CPD and EN54 approved
  • Unique early detection enhanced CO fire detector
  • Intelligent universal HPO smoke detector
  • Low profile, discreet and unobtrusive
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Designed for fast, easy installation
  • Integral and remote alarm LED

Series of product approvals:

  • High-performance optical smoke detector
  • Enhanced Carbon Monoxide fire detector
  • Optical smoke detector
  • Heat detector – Rate of rise, or fixed temperature
  • Solar blind infrared flame detector

FireClass 600 Series bases:

  • Aesthetically discreet both standard and diode base
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Designed for rapid installation
  • Remote LED connection
  • Sounder base with adjustable volume control & selectable tones
  • Extra Low Current sounder bases
    • Standard base
    • Diode base
    • Sounder base
    • Sounder beacon base

FireClass 600 series sounder/beacons:

  • EN54-3 approved
  • High sound output characteristics
  • Low current consumption
  • Clean lines, modern styling
  • Easy to install, low installation costs
  • Weatherproof units for outdoor use
  • 32 tones available
  • High sound output characteristics
    • Sounder
    • Sounder/beacon
    • Electronic bell/weatherproof electronic bell

FireClass 600 Manual Call Point:

  • Distinctive and recognisable styling
  • Surface or  ush mounting
  • Test key facility, speeds maintenance visits
  • Optional transparent hinged cover
  • Optional plastic deformable call point element for food processing areas
  • IP67 waterproof models for external application CPD and EN54 approved
    • Glass element
    • Breakable element

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