Complete Wireless Protection

For complete wireless protection integrate Optex detectors into Texecom’s mesh networking technology.

Why integrate?

Integration of products using Optex’s pre-configured Ricochet enabled wireless transmitter- the OPTX038- brings a number of benefits to installers and end users that include:

  • Ease of installation and setup
  • The panel will recognise the Optex sensors by model as soon as they are connected
  • Communication is bi-directional
  • Anti-masking and tamper-proof features
  • Transmit much more data than ever before
  • Increase connectivity
  • Communication with various protocols
  • The outdoor intrusion detection sensors become an integral part of the security/home automation system.

How it works?

Texecom’s OPTX038 Ricochet wireless technology is designed for Optex battery-powered devices for use in professional security installations. The OPTX038 enables Optex short-range outdoor PIRs (VX, BX, HX series) and all its wireless infrared beams (AX and SL beams series) to be easily connected to and recognised by various control panels.

The OPTX038 module fits inside the sensor’s backbox and comes with the battery (CR 123A) and all necessary cables required to connect to the sensor.

Bi-directional communication

The bi-directional communication means that the OPTX038 communicates with both the relevant Optex device as well as with the control panel. This is a far more accurate way of communicating.

For instance where no handshake between the unit and the Optex device or the unit and the panel the OPTX038 will continue to attempt transmission until information is transferred from the device to the control panel.

Not only does the modules ensure power to the device, integration means communication of:

  • Tampering
  • Low battery levels
  • Alarm

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