Complete outdoor protection

The OPTEX range of outdoor intrusion detection sensors will keep your customers covered in all applications. Six different series of detectors ensure the ultimate in outdoor security.

An OPTEX outdoor intrusion detection sensor for every application:

OPTEX VX SHIELD series of 12-metre range, 90° wide-angle boundary detectors – includes two passive infrared options and two dual passive IR/microwave options. Digital triple-layer detection.

OPTEX BX SHIELD series of short-range detectors. Each complete system includes four PIRs, two on each side. The detection range and sensitivity can be adjusted independently for each side of the sensor.

OPTEX WXI – with a 180°detection range the WXI provides high levels of accuracy with associated reduced false alarms. The detector has two independent 90° zones, a self-learning IR digital anti-masking function and comes standard with an automatic walk test mode.

OPTEX ‘fit’ FTN series of compact outdoor detectors are ideal for outdoor areas where environmental disturbances and small animals are an issue. The FTN series generates top and bottom passive infrared beams and a presence needs are detected in both beams to trigger the alarm, thereby ruling out false alarms from the presence of pets.

OPTEX LX series is ideal for triggering lighting and cameras. The double conductive shielding provides resistance to interference from non-related light sources such as car headlights and the sun.

 OPTEX HX series comprises a range of high-mount detectors. The unique pyro-element provides a multiple pattern detection with 94 high-density detection zones and accurate discrimination function for a spot temperature change of moving objects.

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