Combining security with user friendliness

Do your customers need to manage the flow of people into their premises Here’s why you should choose the ZKTeco range of entrance control products:

 Allows a fast flow of pedestrian traffic without reducing security levels
 Easy to install
 Easy to operate
 Easy to maintain
 Can be easily integrated with third-party solutions.

It’s your choice

The range of ZKTeco entrance control products is extensive. Choose from:

• Flap barriers
• Swing barriers
• Flap barrier turnstiles
• Swing barrier turnstiles
• Tripod turnstiles
• Full-height turnstiles
• Automatic access gates
• Motorised access gates.

Not just a pretty face

ZKTeco’s automatic access gate is good looking and highly practical:

  • Allows obstacle-free passage
  • Functions are controlled by infrared beam cells
  • Can be installed in any area of supervised access
  • Retracts by dropping downwards and concealing itself inside the unit when it receives an authorisation signal from a reader or push button
  • Stops pedestrian tailgating
  • A photocell stops the panel from rising up and hitting users while they are still entering.

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