Closing time for intruders OPTEX HX Series

Ideal for locations where high mounting is desired or required, the HX Series of outdoor PIR detectors drastically reduce false and missed alarms caused by severe outdoor environmental changes.

High-mount multi-purpose outdoor detectors

The HX series is designed to cater to a variety of site configurations. The mounting bracket can rotate horizontally by180 degrees and can be tilted up or down vertically to adapt to the slope of the ground. Various models are available and include standard, anti-masking, microwave (HX-40DAM) and wireless (battery-operated).

Smart detection

The unique pyro-element provides multiple pattern detection with 94 high-density detection zones. The intelligent detection logic includes:
• Advanced temperature compensation logic
• Summer night compensation logic
• Vegetation sways analysis logic.

Key features:

• Catch performance – distinguishes animals from humans
• Double conductive shielding
• A dual signal processing circuit
• Adjustable detection range setting of 9, 5.5 or 4 metres

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