Artificial intelligence gives retailers the upper hand

The future of smart retailing is driven by catering to customer needs and ensuring that customers are kept safe while shopping.

TVT has developed a combined technology solution that provides facial recognition and behavioural analysis for more targeted security and an enhanced customer-centric environment in the retail space.

I see you

An integrated facial recognition system has the potential to increase customer satisfaction, improve staff management and give retailers a greater insight into the mysterious minds of shoppers.

Using a combination of in-store TVT facial recognition cameras and TVT facial recognition software, shops can accurately assess the demographic information of their shoppers.

By collecting this core data at each stage of the customer journey, retailers can track shoppers (and how they interact with a store) from browsing through to checkout.

Let’s not forget the security benefit: face recognition can help retailers proactively prevent organised retail crimes before they occur.

Lights, camera, action

By combining a TVT facial recognition camera with an NVR and using this together with the TVT NVMS2.0 security management platform, retailers can optimise and plan their product offerings. The benefits of adopting the TVT retail facial recognition solution
will have your retail clients smiling all the way to the bank:

  • Affordable price-point
  • Ultra Starlight technology offers 24-hour colour recognition even in low-light conditions for increased facial recognition
  • Easy-to-operate interface
  • Mobile App – use a smart phone to take photos and save the settings for upload to the NVR’s face database
  • Valuable data

Did you know?

TVT facial recognition cameras can be programmed to personalise greetings when VIP customers enter a store.

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