Anti-theft Monitoring Of Critical Power Supply Cables

Worried about the theft of power cables? There’s a simple solution –Permaconn + the Pocket Secure App + the Permaconn CM12 cable theft monitoring and alerting system.

Real-time Alerting Of Attempted Power Cable Theft

The solution can:

• Protect up to 12 AC cables per CM12 unit
• Be installed into existing substations and mini-sub transformers or be deployed in mobile devices to protect distribution cables installed in temporary distribution boards out in the field
• Provide easy labelling of notifications according to specific locations
• Provide geo-location reporting to allow maintenance and security personnel to request assistance from colleagues and the monitoring centre at any time

Fixed monthly costs & centralised management

The system uses the Permaconn Atlas platform and leverages the Permaconn system for communication rather than making use of SMS technology. Customers benefit from:

• Up-front knowledge of monthly costs
• Management of costs
• Activation and management of devices and end-users within Atlas for complete and secure control

Did you know?

The Pocket Secure App can be branded with your customer’s logo and you can manage your individual clients through the Atlas platform.