Aiphone IX Series Access Control Intercom System

New levels of flexibility with Aiphone’s IX system
Aiphone IX SeriesThe Aiphone IX Series offers the optimal intercom system for a diverse range of applications that leverage an organisation’s IP network.
The system offers:

  • Full IP-based peer-to-peer audio-video intercom system
  • Integration with other IP-based systems
  • 24/7 monitoring/recording
  • Integration and upgrading of previously installed IX systems
  • Powerful and clear sound in all situations
  • Audio and video recording

Broad coverage through network connections
Offer your clients full IP-network compatibility, simple installation, and excellent flexibility:Aiphone IX Series

  • Unlimited number of IX units can be connected
  • No wiring distance limitations
  • Peer to peer configuration results in space savings, reduced installation time and lower costs
  • PoE design – electrical power is supplied over the LAN port connection

Integration flexibility
Enhanced security and communication is provided through integration:

  • Compatible with third-party network camera equipment and access control systems
  • Transform door stations into surveillance cameras for heightened security, and facial identification of visitors
  • Integrate with video management systems for 24/7 recording
  • IP-PBX integration enables the IX system to be used as a part of a client’s internal telephone network

Multi-industry solution
The IX system is ideal for a number of applications including:

  • Aiphone Access Control Intercom Solution
  • Commercial facilities and offices – internal communication and emergency assistance
  • Railways – for help points, communication between remote stations, and video surveillance
  • Schools – for door entry management, call transfer after hours, emergency paging and announcements, as well as school-wide announcements

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Offer your clients the opportunity to screen visitors before they enter their  premises.
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