A partnership you can trust

An Open Letter from Texecom to the South African Electronic Security Community

Dear Friends,

South Africa is integral to Texecom’s DNA and has been for many years. Our products and services have been designed in partnership with customers across the country and this has contributed to South Africa being Texecom’s second-largest market in the world.

TPA’s recent acquisition by Hudaco and the resultant new partnership with Elvey has significantly increased the footprint, service and technical support behind the Texecom brand, putting us into our strongest position yet. The TPA, Elvey and Hudaco teams are engaged and enthusiastic about our partnership, and about serving Texecom customers across the country.

Texecom continues to manufacture and support our Premier International panel range. We are also excited to introduce the new Premier Elite panels to the South African market, for which we have developed and continue to develop a wide range of complimentary security devices. Notably, we are proud to have recently launched the Texecom Connect App and Cloud services, and look forward to the imminent arrival of our latest SmartCom with 4G.

Texecom is solidly committed to South Africa, and in partnership with the TPA and Elvey teams, that commitment is passed on to every single one of our precious customers. We have a bright future ahead of us, and I am excited by the opportunity to continue delivering on our purpose of looking after the things people care about, wherever they are.

Thank you for your support, and thank you for being part of the Texecom family.

Yours faithfully,

Jim Ludwig

Managing Director of Texecom Ltd