Video Analytics as a Management Tool

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Did you know that your video analytics can be used as a management tool!

Video analytics is not new to the market, but its growth as a management tool has increased exponentially in the past 10 years.


What is video analytics?

Video analytics is a tool that allows users to retrieve more information from a site. By pre-programming set parameters, it allows end users to define exactly which information is important to them, while simultaneously eliminating any unnecessary information and data.

With its roots firmly entrenched as a security aid, it has now become a management tool that allows organisations to mine data that will be of benefit to them financially and reputationally.


Why video analytics?
  • Video analytics cuts out excessive “noise” in terms of the specific type and amount of data retrieved.
  • Users can customize the data to suit their needs, for example, line crossing on perimeter fences.
  • Users can set up the size of the target object and the direction of passage of the person to set off an alarm.
  • Information is immediately available.


What information does video analytics provide?

Information or data can be provided in various forms, all of which can be preset on site. The big plus factor here is that users have access to instantaneous, first-hand information on what is happening on site.

Some examples of customized information gathering include:

  • Eliminating animals, leaves and other objects from a scene and only sending alerts when a human is spotted by a camera.
  • People loitering in a specific area.
  • Direction of travel of vehicles or people.
Did you know?

The growth of video analytics will reach $3971.2 million by 2020 from $1537.9 million in 2015.


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