Video Analytics A Return On Investment

Video analytics provides rapid return on investment

Video analytics is not just a security tool, it’s ability to provide organisations with a rapid return on their investment is evident. In fact the number of instances where it can be effectively applied are limited only by the imagination.



How do I use video analytics?

Whenever predetermined events occur, a preset push application will alert designed users. Importantly, only requested data will activate he alert, thereby saving time and money, therefore false alarms are drastically reduced.

Data provided is therefore:
  • User defined
  • In real time for instant reaction

Where can I use video analytics?

One of the common examples of where video analytics have become a common element of security is in perimeter protections. Line crossing, as this feature is commonly know, can be programmed to alert a user if people breach the perimeter when entering the property (rather than leaving it for instance.)

It could also be used on one-way streets, whereby an alert will be activated if a vehicle is detected travelling in the wrong direction.

Other examples include:
  • Counting- this will count those people entering and leaving premises. The information can be used for mustering in the event of disaster management, or for retail shopping trends.
  • Object appear and disappear- this feature will send an alert when an object is picked up and put down. This is particularly useful in areas where there is lots of pedestrian traffic and could identify the presence of a bomb. It can also be used in areas where high value items such as paintings in art galleries are situated.
  • Occupational health and safety- the system could be programmed to exclude specific people from high risk areas and to send alerts when they breach these zones.


Tangible benefits of video analytics

  • Petty internal theft decrease.
  • Employees are more productive.
  • Health & Safety increases.
  • Users can quickly review footage and alerts without being on site.


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