The Texecom M Series – Enhanced detection performance

Introducing the Texecom Premier M Series

Detect genuine intrusion situations

A recent report by a leading security company indicated that “on average, between 94 and 99% of all alarm activations are false alarms.” As a result, the reaction time reviews show officers spending most of their day responding to false alarms. False alarms take up valuable resources. Resources are stretched, and this means an increase costs for security companies, which in the end could result in delays for actual events and increased costs for end users.

To alleviate the false alarm problem, TPA Security Distributors launched the Premier M Series of detectors from Texecom. In this series, we focus on the new Texecom Premier M-series – (Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector, Premier M QD Digital Quad and PIR Detector). The intelligent upgraded sensors improve the differentiation between break-ins and false alarms in homes, offices, warehouses and other locations and have maximum false alarm immunity. The new Premier M series meets the latest international standard requirements and has advanced technologies and algorithms which result in superior performance, capabilities and protection.

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Texecom Premier Compact Series
The Premier Compact range brings commercial grade detection into the residential marketplace. Contact TPA for a full range of the latest sensor detectors.

Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector

No more false alarms!

Sensor detector alarm systems are an essential part of any surveillance set up. However, poor quality sensors or sensors installed incorrectly are problematic and lead to an increase in false alarms. False alarms cost money in repeated call-outs, and they waste time, which could spend effectively responding to genuine alarms.

One of the solutions for the reduction of false alarms in the home is the latest Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector. The Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector has sealed optics that prevent dust and insects from entering the sensor optics which eliminates potential false alarms. The Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector also has enhanced technology features which achieve an optimum coverage pattern when mounted anywhere between 1.5m & 3.1m from the ground. The detector’s digital temperature compensation alters the detector sensitivity level to match the environment. It also has pet immunity for pets up to 35KGs.

Product Features

  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing +Algorithms
  • Digital Temperature Compensation
  • Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Active White Light Rejection
  • Anti-jarring

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Motion detector false alarms, how to prevent the causes.
Passive Infrared Motion Sensor introduction & tips for reducing false alarms resulting from a burglar alarm motion detector. Need to know more? Please contact TPA.

Premier M QD Digital Quad PIR Detector

Suitable for harsh weather conditions

When the weather is harsh, there is an increase in the number of false alarms, and this becomes an opportunity for criminals. A reduction in the number of false alarms allows security companies to focus on genuine calls. However, if detection equipment is sub-standard or sensors are too sensitive in harsh environments this seta off false alarms.

The new Texecom Premier M Digital Quad detector has enhanced false alarm immunity for such events. The Digital Quad detector combats false alarms better than any other detector by combining two separate dual-element PIR detectors positioned in a unique Quad orientation. Some of the advanced technology features on this sensor detector include automatic sensitivity adjustments and active white light rejection which measures the light levels in the room and actively reject any sources of white light (e.g. Car headlights, direct sunlight, flashlights).

Product Features

  • Long-term stability and reliability thanks to advanced true digital processing
  • Sealed optics protects from insects and air currents
  • Integral swivel bracket for ceiling or wall mounting simplifies installation and control of the detection pattern
  • Durable and elegant design
  • Suitable for home, warehouse, commercial and industrial harsh environment applications

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Digital signal processor
Not sure what Digital Signal Processing is? Watch this video to find out and understand how this feature assists the Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector. TPA Security Distributors supplies a wide range of Texecom detectors, give us a call for more information.


False alarms are not just a constant annoyance; they pull resources from real threats to homes and businesses. Sub-standard detectors cause more harm than good and can cost more than just money. The new Texecom M Series brings professional-grade detectors to the market to solve these problems. Contact TPA and invest in the new Texecom M Series.

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