The best in access control

Gain more customers with ZKTeco access control technology

The ZKTeco range of access control solutions will win more business for you because it:

 Is extremely versatile
 Is cost effective
 Is easy to install
 Is easy to manage
 Beats out competitive products on a price to performance ratio.

ZKTeco’s Access Control product line comprises a wide range of access control solutions that include:

• IP-based standalone access control devices

• Networked access control panels and readers

• Guard patrol devices

• Accessories

Did you know?

ZKTeco’s waterproof IP65 rated fingerprint, proximity, and password ID external readers allow you to connect indoor terminals and controllers with an outdoor access feature.

Enter more customers

The ZKTeco range of access control is extensive and includes:

• Fingerprint time & attendance and access control terminals.

• Outdoor fingerprint ID terminals – waterproof, vandal-proof terminals featuring infrared fingerprint sensors, proximity, and PIN ID, external door relays and voice prompts

• RFID terminals

• Bluetooth access control mobile apps – allow remote user registration, wireless door setting, and the viewing of device information

• Bluetooth access control terminals

• Multi-biometric terminals – choose from multimodal finger vein and fingerprint technology; palm and fingerprints; or face, fingerprint recognition and optional RFID mode for high-security level requirements

• External readers

• Access control panels

• Cards and tags

• UHF long-distance terminals

• Exit buttons

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