Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector

Sensor detector alarm systems are an essential part of any surveillance set up. However, poor quality sensors or sensors installed incorrectly are problematic and lead to an increase in false alarms. False alarms cost money in repeated call-outs, and they waste time, which could spend effectively responding to genuine alarms.

One of the solutions for the reduction of false alarms in the home is the latest Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector. The Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector has sealed optics that prevent dust and insects from entering the sensor optics which eliminates potential false alarms. The Premier M XT Digital PIR Detector also has enhanced technology features which achieve an optimum coverage pattern when mounted anywhere between 1.5m & 3.1m from the ground. The detector’s digital temperature compensation alters the detector sensitivity level to match the environment. It also has pet immunity for pets up to 35KGs.

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Product Features

  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing +Algorithms
  • Digital Temperature Compensation
  • Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Active White Light Rejection
  • Anti-jarring

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